Grateful for...

Grateful for the things in his life, even when times are hard, Stuart is going to run as a way of telling people how grateful he is.

Grateful for his health, his family, his friends, his work and how we should never take anything for granted.

#TheRunofGratitude was born.

Stuart is attempting to run from SW London to Oyne in Aberdeenshire which will be approximately 50km a day for 17 days…why?

In the year he turned 40 (2015) he has already tested himself in various ways; an Ironman Triathlon, a 40 mile run on his 40th birthday and he also ran 138 miles in 5 days retracing the steps of his childhood.

Two years on he believes that he has suffered from various mental health issues over the past 4-5 years due to relationships, work, illness and financial problems.  He also is aware that he has seen and worked with many clients and friends who have also suffered from mental health issues far worse than his own.

He strongly believes that he wants to help raise awareness of this so called ‘silent killer’.

Stuart is running to his girlfriend to show gratitude for what he has in his life; legs that work, support of friends, family and major companies that are his work clients.

Through raising money for Mind Charity he hopes to try and lift the stigma about mental health illness, especially around that fact that men don’t really talk about their problems so hopefully this run will help other men get help and talk to someone.

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How Far?
How long?
Money raised


Day 1 - 30th July - U&R Surbiton leaving at 9-9.30am heading to U&R East Sheen then to near Hemel Hempstead.
Day 2 - 31st July - Hemel H to U&R Milton Keynes to Hartwell
Day 3 - 1st Aug - Hartwell to Kilby Bridge
Day 4 - 2nd Aug - Kilby Bridge to U&R Nottingham
Day 5 - 3rd Aug - U&R Nottingham to U&R Sheffield
Day 6 - 4th Aug - U&R Sheffield (Hillsborough Parkrun) to U&R Leeds (Boar Lane)
Day 7 - 5th Aug - U&R Leeds to U&R Leeds (Otley Rd) to U&R Harrogate to Ripon
Day 8 - 6th Aug Ripon to U&R Darlington
Day 9 - 7th Aug - BIRTHDAY- U&R Darlington to U&R Newcastle
Day 10 - 8th Aug - U&R Newcastle to Otterburn Castle
Day 11 - 9th Aug - Otterburn Castle - Scottish Border - Melrose
Day 12 - 10th Aug - Melrose to Edinburgh
Day 13 - 11th Aug - Edinburgh Parkrun - Glenrothes
Day 14 - 12th Aug - Glenrothes to Dundee
Day 15 - 13th Aug - Dundee to Cyrus
Day 16 - 14th Aug - Cyrus to Aberdeen
15th Aug - Fly to Heathrow to spend day with my kids (Sam’s Birthday) then fly back with the kids.
Day 17 - 16th Aug - Aberdeen to Oyne...
PARTY in Lil’C’s BBQ