Paul Coker is the Medical Director of Rocktape UK, an experienced Physiotherapist and very average ultra/trail runner. Here is his lowdown on all things kinesiology tape.


Kinesiology tape is an elastic tape made of tightly woven elasticated cotton (97%) and nylon (3%) fibres. The glue on the tape is acrylic, highly durable and waterproof so tape can be worn for up to a week withstanding vigorous movement, sweat and total emersion in water. When applied in a vaguely correct manner research has shown that tape can lead to various positive changes including less pain, improved movement, more power and better muscular endurance. Rocktape is premium brand of tape specifically designed to meet the demands of athletes.


The tape does not contain any medication or drugs. Different colours are cosmetic only, all colours of tape have the same elasticity and therefore benefits. Tape is not a replacement for sensible injury management and thorough rehab.  If you are in doubt about what causes your pain or you have a pain that’s not getting better go see an experienced, qualified therapist/professional.

Anterior Knee Pain (Front of knee)


2 equal length strips of tape approx length of thigh


  • Apply base of tape diagonally over top of shin bone with no stretch (Pic 1)
  • Knee flexed to 90° and Quads stretched
  • Curve tape around edge of knee cap with approx 50% stretch (Pic 2)
  • Once tape has crossed centre of leg above knee cap lay rest of tape over opposite side of quads with paper off stretch
  • Repeat on opposite side (Pic 3)
  • Remember to apply ends of tape with 0% stretch and rub all over tape to activate glue.