Is there paperwork to fill in?

It’s not a requirement that you register fully here on the site, the register link is purely to register your interest. However, we do ask that when you turn up at the store that you do fill in a small form just for health and safety records. You may also be invited to join Up & Running’s Reward scheme (CLUB4), but this is totally at your discretion. The benefit of doing so is that you’ll be eligible for free incentives, registration is completely free and takes about two minutes, but that’s over to you.

How does it work if I am a new runner, will I be looked after?

Social Run Group (SRG) is for everyone and has been developed specifically with brand new runners in mind. Runners are of ALL standards, abilities and speeds and we are completely committed to making sure that the run is accessible for all abilities. We will always have someone running at the back to keep you motivated as well as to make sure that no one gets lost. We don’t want anyone to run alone. The working #Tag for the Social Run Group (SRG) is #RunTogether and that is what we are committed to.

Can I run with any Up & Running store?

Yes, you can run at any of our stores nationwide, either at home or when you are on your travels. Just check out the site for your nearest run. We’d LOVE for everyone to take part in any of the group runs. Running is free, is fun (mostly) and we hope that you will find us friendly. Running is for everyone, so let’s #RunTogether.

How much is it - is this like a gym membership?

Up & Running’s Social Run Group (SRG) is completely free, there is no membership fee and no fee to run at any of the stores’ group runs.

I'm unsure and a little nervous about the run, how can I find out more?

Email and ask us anything. We don’t bite! In fact, we would love to hear from you.

Can I bring friends and family with me?

Yes, you can bring anyone you’d like along to a Social Run Group (SRG) run. They do not have to register prior to their run. The more, the merrier.

Where are the closest runs?

Check out the FIND RUNS tab at the top of the page to find your nearest Social Run Group.

Where can I leave my stuff while we go running?

You are welcome to leave your belongings in the shop while you run. Most shops will be closed at run time, but for those stores that are still open, we can find a secure place for your belongings. We want your run to be free of worry. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for your belongings while they are on our premises.

Where can I get changed before the run?

There are changing rooms at all of our stores, so you are welcome to use these. Occasionally a run may start from a different location, but you will be given prior notice of this, and then you will need to arrive ready to run.

What about my children?

Young people under the age of 16 are welcome to run with us, but under the supervision of their parent or guardian who is also running with the group and the appropriate disclaimer has been signed. There are however many run groups located through the National County Sports Partnership network that is geared up to work with young runners. For more info go to

How far are the runs?

The runs are 5k