About SRG

Let’s #RunTogether

About SRG

Reasons to run

SRG is for everyone from complete beginner to elite athlete

Running is inclusive, it’s rewarding, and it’s good for you. You don’t need expensive equipment, you don’t need a purpose-built track, but you do need commitment and determination, and then you’ll see the benefits.

The staff at Up & Running are committed to helping people start to run and to keep running, over each plateau and through the difficult times. Sometimes it’s good to run alone, with your thoughts, to turn over issues in your head and just to be by yourself, but running with other like-minded determined people is good and will help you to reach your goals.

What is SRG

Join the running community

Open up a whole new world

Do you want to be part of a relaxed group of like-minded, forward-thinking, positive people who want to run, to improve their physical and mental health? Members of the running community run to feel good and to improve their quality of life. As a member you are surrounded by other runners, who like to run and talk running, who motivate each other to take the next step and to face the next challenge.

SRG is an entry level group, with branches all over the country. Everyone is welcome to join this community, there is no charge. The aim is to create a country-wide running collective that is linked via a common ethos – run for fun, fitness and friendship.Through our SRG community page and our social media channels we aim to encourage you to meet your running goals and beyond.

Define a Runner

What makes you a runner

Up & Running will support all runners of all abilities

Some may define a runner as those who can do A, B, C in terms of time, distance and speed, but that’s just not true. If you run at a pace marginally faster than a walk, then you are a RUNNER and you will be recognised as such. SRG is here to offer you an opportunity to share your running with us, other like-minded runners and develop your running skills.

If you have never run before but want to start, or if you already run but would like to join a group – then join SRG. It’s running but at the level YOU want it to be.


The SRG commitment to you

  • Each week we will plot a suitable run (approx 5k)
  • We will try and vary it to so you can challenge yourself
  • There will be guides on every run, so you never run alone
  • There will be a back marker so no-one gets left behind
  • We will accommodate every runner, regardless of speed
  • There will never be any membership fees

Up & Running’s commitment is something that has grown from more than 25 years’ involvement in the running community. Our aim is to help runners be the best that they can be and the SRG is a development of that core value. Through SRG we can pay back into the community that has supported us over those years and is here to enhance people’s lives through running and fitness.


The Exclusive Benefits

With our connections to global running brands, such as Asics, Mizuno, Brooks & Saucony, we will be able to offer SRG members exclusive events and training opportunities to keep you motivated.

How Do I Join?

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry. You don’t need to register to come running with us. On the day of your first run, we will need to take some details. All of our SRG groups meet in store and a member of the Up & Running team will welcome you. There are no rules about what you should wear, but it should be comfy and suitable for the weather. Make sure your running shoes are in a good condition and ladies wear a sports bra you trust.

Come along, join in and enjoy. Once you’ve completed 5 runs, you will get your free SRG t-shirt, which we’d love you to wear every week!

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