SRG 30 Day Challenge

After suffering a couple of years with feet injuries (Neuromas and Plantar Fasciitis) it was great to actually start to enjoy my running again (pain free). I had seen on social media Dan from Up & Running (Darlington) was organising a 30-day running challenge. What a great idea I thought to keep people active and motivated! You could choose from a variety of either 30-60-90 or 120 miles. I decided to play safe and go for the 90 miles as I didn’t know how my feet would respond to running every day for 30 days. I have never run every day for 2 weeks let alone over 4 weeks, but for those who know me know I am always up for a challenge

The challenge started on Sunday 1st March. Perfect as I already have a 10-miler event at Derwent Reservoir that day, great start to the challenge. Jeez what a challenge that was to start with, the weather conditions were horrendous and the terrain underfoot were just as bad. Just think of the challenge I kept telling myself after almost losing my shoe! Ha ha

Completed it, Yahhhhhh!! First run of the challenge done 10 mile in the bag, bring it on, only 29 runs left to go. How difficult can this be I thought especially as you decide what miles you run on that day (so long as you do your chosen miles in 30 days)…………… Let’s find out!

After each run you have to take a selfie along with your miles completed and upload it on the Facebook group (social run group 30 day challenge). It was great so many people took part, seeing all their visual posts and running pics of what and where people have done/been. It did keep you motivated and kept you logging in.

It was great to see everyone doing so well at their own challenges and seeing everyone enjoying it too.

As the days turned into weeks, I found I was really looking forward to going out for my runs and challenging myself to increase my mileage. Usually I would have only ran up to 12km but found I was upping it to 18k’s, even getting out more on my bike too. I did find after a couple of weeks running my legs were getting tired and some runs, I didn’t know how I was going to get through it but I fought on and battled through. It’s surprising when you put your mind to it exactly what your body will tolerate. #mindovermatter

The lockdown with the COVID-19 hadn’t reached us yet so being able to do the challenge with family and friends was great brilliant Sunday morning social runs with the harriers clocking up more miles  Loved it! Parkrun on a Saturday morning was a must to get those miles in too!

After a few weeks, a couple of us found we started to get competitive with it ha ha (even though he said he wasn’t ………..yeah, yeah) in a great friendly way of course! Not mentioning any names Razza haha. I am watching you! (I am competitive ha ha).

The COVID-19 pandemic was starting to spread and appeared to be looking more serious than first thought so I used one of my daily runs to deliver some coffee and walnut cake to one of the frontline staff am sure she will have appreciated that!

It was only when Boris Johnson announced that the country was going into complete lock down not allowing to run in groups, one run a day and solo  that hit me really hard. I was truly gutted, how am I going to cope being a sociable person who loves being around others. I dislike running on my own

I never ever thought in a month of Sunday’s I would have been doing laps around my back garden 300 in total (10k) to get my run challenge in finishing in the dark, wet and cold.

This last week was extremely difficult really missing my social runs with my great friends, seeing how the COVID-19 has been affecting everyone. Doing this challenge has really helped me get through it, by having something to focus on, everyone doing the challenge has been extremely supportive of each other, keeping each other going and doing so well. I have like a lot of us have over exceeded the initial mileage and I think it’s purely to get us all through these difficult times ahead. This challenge couldn’t have come at a better time to keep everyone active, motivated, supporting each other and staying mentally strong too.

Even having me running down from Catbells in the Lake District to get my daily challenge in.

Dan from Up & Running has done an absolute amazing job, keeping people’s mental health going and keeping the support of the whole community together. This challenge has definitely helped a whole community of people cope a lot better with the COVID-19 and I am proud to be part of such a great supportive community. Everyone is a winner in this challenge and have achieved amazing things.
I hope we are given another challenge to keep us going through the next couple of months as we face a great deal of uncertainty.
Keep Safe everyone, and keep running!

   By Victoria Fawcett

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