All Aboard The Yellow Train

We supersized SRG, with no less than 6 groups joining together for Harrogate’s Parkrun #374.

Illustrating the true sense of the word, community, SRG members from Darlington, Harrogate, Leeds, Oldham, Huddersfield and even one runner from SRG Milton Keynes, met at Harrogate’s iconic Stray all proudly wearing their SRG yellow t-shirts, and causing quite a stir among the locals.

For the non-Harrogate runners it was an early start, with Darlington members leaving home at 6.30am to join the fun bus down the A1. But there was no such thing as the early morning blues, with a brilliant atmosphere, and lots of laughter and chatter. The yellow glow from the Tshirts lit the bus up so much the driver had to wear sunglasses!

We were welcomed into Harrogate by fellow SRG runners from Darlington who had travelled by car, and so the 60 Darlington runners joined the other groups all ready to take on Parkrun. So many runners, all in yellow, were there for the same reason to be social and enjoy the morning together. The yellow train was chugging through Harrogate!

It was a fantastic atmosphere at the start and I found myself at the front going into the first corner in 10th place! I quickly realised that with all the excitement I had set off far too fast; I must have been thinking I was Mo Farah galloping away from the rest of SRG but I soon settled back into my slow and steady pace chatting to everyone and enjoying it.

All the SRG runners were having a great time, proudly talking to fellow runners about SRG, chatting about the social atmosphere and how we run together. The run ended with us clapping and cheering the last runner to finish. It was then time to get back on the bus all sweaty and smelly. The journey back to Darlington was filled with jokes and thoughts of breakfast. The coach dropped us right outside the pub which meant only one thing, “Beer and a full English”.

Everyone loved starting the weekend with a run, beer & breakfast. What could be better?.

Note to self wear sunglasses when its sunny you look better in photos.

Dan Rowlands

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