Harrogate SRG

SRG is a really friendly, welcoming, sociable group of people.  Feeling part of a group encourages you to be more committed to going to the run each week & promotes accountability.  Every week we go on a different route, which keeps it interesting – I have discovered parts of Harrogate I didn’t know existed!

My outdoor running confidence has greatly improved, along with my fitness levels & stamina.  Incorporating regular running into my lifestyle has not just had a positive impact on my physical health, but also my mental health.  Running on a Monday evening really does set you up for the week with a positive mindset and gives you the confidence to take on whatever the rest of the week will throw at you!

I joined SRG in September 2018 and it has had a positive impact on my life.  Everyone is so friendly.  The added incentive to attending the group on a regular basis in the form of free t-shirts, etc, also encourages you to keep going along.  The group caters for all ages, abilities and fitness levels – it is so inclusive!  There will always be the faster runners at the front every week, and there will always be the slow and steady joggers at the back.  I think it’s fantastic that the group stops at regular intervals to let everyone catch up and catch their breath – no one gets left behind and everyone is supported and encouraged. Come along any Monday and give it a go.


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