Running with SRG

I had run several 5Ks with Parkrun but really wanted to do more exercise. So when I called into my local Up And Running shop I found out about their 5k SRG group, and really thought I should give it a go.  I was so surprised and pleased at how social the group was and that no-one got left behind. The group kept stopping, with faster runners looping back until everyone was together again.

Until I joined SRG I really believed that 5K was my absolute limit.

However, on my first run, I heard someone say we had run 5.6K, I couldn’t believe it…. I had broken through that barrier. The same week, SRG had arranged an additional head torch run  at Fewston and Swnisty reservoirs with options to run 4 or 6 miles or walk 3 miles, this was popular with mums with pushchairs and also non-running partners, so I decided to run the 4 miles route to ensure my breakthrough wasn’t a fluke.

I was then so inspired I decided to do a 10K race in November followed by a 10 mile run in December.  I now have a half marathon booked for May 2019.  I could not and would not have done it without SRG  I give gratitude and thanks to Allison and all of the organisers and supporters at Harrogate SRG you are all so wonderful, encouraging and kind. I would encourage all ages and abilities to come and join us every Monday evening, it is fun and social, and we really do live up to our tag line – no one is left behind…we are a collective.

Helen Parkinson – Harrogate SRG

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