Many SRG members, SRG leaders and SRG mentors were in the Midlands this weekend, for the second National Running Show.

For the annual event, Up & Running took a team of staff and some of our favourite brands for a non-stop running weekend, filled with shopping deals, new running products being launched, motivational speakers, book signings, event sign ups – everything running under one roof.

The event was pure magic – probably the only time you would be able to listen to Paula Radcliffe speaking in the morning, buy some new running shoes, test out the latest vibrating foam roller, have a cheeky taste of lots of different energy bars, buy a running book and get it signed by the author, get expert advice on your shopping, participate in a drills session and listen to an Olympic coach advising you how to get from Parkrun to 10k and beyond, all before lunch.

There was the opportunity to talk to Olympians, Ask the Experts on almost all subjects running, test products on the test track, try out products on the stands around the hall or visit the main stage for a sporting programme, ranging from Olympians  Paula Radcliffe and Jo Pavey, ultra runners including Vassos Alexander to nutritionist Anita Bean.

The Running Skills Theatre was a more specialist half hour session featuring talks such as  by an Olympian on Endurance Running and how to fuel for your marathon.

There was something for every type of runner at Birmingham this weekend, and you couldn’t fail to be motivated to maybe try something new.

If you love running, you will love the National Running Show, make sure you book your ticket for 2020.


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