Up & Running Buyers’ Meeting – June 2018

If you’ve ever wondered how the products that you find in Up & Running stores nationwide get there, then read on.

Once a year, all the managers from all the stores get together in the inspirational setting of St Mary’s University Twickenham. We browse, learn about, test, deliberate, discuss and eventually select every single item from clothing and footwear to the flavour of nutrition and the model of top-end electronics, to decide which products will win a place on the Up & Running shelves.

Every store is different in its customer-base, so what you find in Leeds Central you may not find in Nottingham, what works in Newcastle may not work in East Sheen. So it’s important that all the managers have a say in what they want to see on their shoe shelves and hangers each season.

One day is set aside to look at clothing and accessories from all our favourite brands, Brooks, Odlo, Ronhill, Craft and our new favourite mountain brand Montane, as well as the growing range from Runderwear and compression brand 2XU.

Of course, when all the team gets together, we run together and we socialise together. So day 1 had started with one of our favourite shoe brands, Saucony, bringing in a personal trainer to take a 7am military fitness bootcamp – and we were having so much fun it wasn’t until the next day that we all, mostly without exception, realised how hard we had worked.

Much partying and frivolity late into the night, and it was back to the running track for 7am the next morning for Brooks’ turn to lead the fitness. After having fitted everyone in either the Transcend or Glycerin we took to the track for a couple of warm up laps. When you’re so privileged to have The Sir Mo Farah Running Track on the campus where you are having your conference, it would be rude not to test it out.

The Up & Running management team, all wearing the famous SRG t-shirts, took to the track for a 4 x 400m relay – and with everyone highly competitive there was no slacking!

The start of the second day was complete and now to select the footwear for the spring summer 2019 season. The room was set up with all the new footwear from Brooks, On, Saucony, Asics, Mizuno and Altra. There were accessories from Camelbak, watches from Polar and nutrition.

After a fun couple of days – it’s now time for the managers to sit down with their order pads and work out which are the right products for their store, the ones that you will see early next year and we hope you like them as much as we did.

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