WHAT a week we had in Millennium Square, Leeds, working with Run For All at the Welcome to Yorkshire Event Village.

It was great to see so many of you taking on the SRG Treadmill Challenge, we hope you enjoyed it and you’ve been able to benefit from your £20 shoe voucher! Don’t forget you’ve got until the end of May to spend it.

We asked you to run 200 metres on our treadmill at any speed you wanted but to aim for somewhere between 50 seconds (for the sprinters out there) and 2 mins 30 seconds. We had a golden time, which was hidden in an envelope at the event – not even the event staff knew what the time was, but we wanted someone to run

200 metres in 1 minute 26 seconds

The prize for our lucky winner – a pair of Brooks running shoes and a place in the 2018 Yorkshire Marathon. The runners with the golden time went into a draw and the lucky winner is



Thank you to everyone who took part – and Damian I’ll email you so you can collect your prize.

I hope that we will see some of you at our various SRG runs – they’re for everyone no matter what your speed. A great reason to run with a friendly and welcoming group. To find your local run go back to the home page and FIND A RUN

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