Foot problems – Read On!

I’ve had foot problems for a couple of years now, and while it hasn’t stopped me running – it has certainly given me pain – and made me think about route choices to avoid as much pain as possible.

So in one foot there is a Morton’s Neuroma – the way I understand it is that it is a mass or benign lump that has occurred in the ball of the foot. I don’t know why it’s happened, but I do know a few runners who have had this. In the other foot, in exactly the same place, my podiatrist tells me I have a stress response.

Not only do I struggle with running, but also with pilates which requires quite a bit of toe-curling and weight bearing on the toes, which I really try to avoid.

I had been training for my favourite run of the year, an event that covers 24.5 miles off road, with a lot of climb and a lot of mud. Much like a marathon I start to train for it at new year, and the target keeps my training on the straight and narrow – but as the winter months dragged by, I really did begin to wonder if I could do this – with my feet as they are. I saw the podiatrist who recommended a steroid injection. Knowing that I would have to stop training for a few weeks if I chose this option, I decided to postpone the injection until after my race in April, after all I could get by just not comfortably.

Then, I heard about ALTRA shoes, boom!

Traditional running shoes, which are great for many people can increase the risk of foot problems, but Altra’s toebox allows the toes to relax and spread naturally. This enhances stability and creates a powerful toe-off to maximise running performance.

Thinking there was nothing to lose – I went out for a run in their King MT shoe (fell shoe) – what happened was unthinkable.

I had no foot pain – none at all – whilst running and none after. I thought it was just a fluke, but the next time there was no foot pain, and the next time. So I tried a pair of Paradigm (the road shoe) – result no foot pain and the Lone Peaks (the trail shoe) – same result no foot pain.

I can now do all my pilates exercises with no pain, and I’m ready to tackle the big run at the weekend. I wonder how many other runners out there are struggling on needlessly, if you’re one of them I’d give ALTRA a try.

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