Brooks take over SRG Harrogate

There was an excited buzz at the Harrogate SRG, when Brooks rep, Ross Blackburn, dropped in with the new Levitate and Transcend shoes for the runners to try out.

Thrilled to have this opportunity, 23 members stepped out, most of them in the new Brooks shoes to put them through their paces on the weekly 5k run.

New to the group, Simon, had dropped in especially to try out the Brooks Levitate, in readiness for his 2018 Comrades Marathon. He loved the group, and as I chatted to him on the way round, he loved the shoes too.

There’s no pressure to buy, just a special opportunity to try something new to the market. The new Proviz jackets, gilets, caps and straps were also out on the route. These new incredibly high visibility products are like nothing we’ve ever seen before and make urban running the safest it’s ever been.

If you want to start running, or you just love to run, we leave the Harrogate shop at 6.30pm on a Monday night – come and join us. If you think 5k is too far – no problem – just mention it to one of the organisers and we’ll make sure you’re safe and looked after with a run/walk or a shortened route.

Allison – SRG Harrogate

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