You’re Never too old!

I began running in 2016, at the age of 57 yrs, three months after having my right knee replaced for the second time and three years after having my left knee replaced. I started, like many others, with my local Huddersfield parkrun and found that I loved the atmosphere,sense of community and most importantly the people. I ran for a few months gradually improving until arthritis in my toe joints stopped me. I carried on volunteering at parkrun but was always envious of my friends and family who were running. In February 2017, with the consent of my orthopaedic consultant, I decided to run again at parkrun. I  would also run once a week near my home and I started entering 10k races. When I heard that Up and Running in Huddersfield were leading social run groups on a Wednesday evening I decided to go along and see what it was like. I was made very welcome by James and his team and I discovered a number of the runners were friends from parkrun and my running club, so I immediately felt very comfortable. I am not a fast runner and more often than not I am at the back of the group, sometimes a short distance behind. James always makes sure that the faster runners loop back and that the other runners wait at strategic places so that I’m never left on my own – and, of course, there is always the tail runner to encourage me along. No one ever complains about or criticises me for being slower so I feel totally included and accepted. The emphasis is not on speed but on getting out with a group of like minded people to enjoy running and to keep active.

Grace, Huddersfield SRG

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