Marathon Training

This April I will be running my 5th London Marathon in the last 10 years and my 8th marathon in total. The training doesn’t get any easier, but I know from experience that the joy that comes after the pain on Sunday April 22nd 2018 will be worth it. My training for this year’s event started on Christmas Day, a chance to get out for a short run and escape from the noise of the day’s festivities. Training started well and for the first three weeks I followed my programme without missing a session. A couple of Sunday long runs with a few running friends helped to tick off the miles. Although some of my long runs will be done on my own, I find there is nothing better than running with some friends and chatting about the football, the box set you spent the Saturday night binge watching and laughing at your friend who is running with you after having one too many alcoholic drinks the night before. Without realising it you are 10 miles into your long run with only a couple of miles left and then home for a nice cooked breakfast.

After my Sunday long run I look after the Chester SRG on a Monday evening. It’s nice to see some more familiar faces and catch up on how their training has gone over the previous week and head off around the historic city of Chester on a gentle easy run as a recovery to the previous day’s mileage. If I didn’t run with SRG on a Monday I know that I may not have gone out for that gentle leg stretch. The recovery run that I do with SRG is done at a gentle easy pace, where I am barely breathing hard and can easily maintain a conversation. Running this easy pace is to me as beneficial as the long run the day before or the hard run session later in the week. My gentle Monday run with SRG is helping to challenge me into running in a pre-fatigued state, with the added benefit of getting to chat to runners who I wouldn’t normally train with if I was to run a hard training session. At our Chester SRG run there are a number of us who run to use it as a recovery after the weekend’s races and long runs…why not give it a go.

Liam B. Up & Running Chester Manager

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