WHEN you’re chasing the promised winter snow, but it doesn’t fall in a place that’s convenient for you, then you have to go out of your way to search for it. In Yorkshire, when you eventually find this increasingly illusive wintery scene, then you may just end up feeling as though you’re auditioning for a part in Wuthering Heights. We’re in Yorkshire after all so our Sunday run this week was certainly a Heathcliff moment.

If you survive the drive to get you to the promised land of snow then it is important to stay safe and warm, especially if you ate on the moors, as we were.

I wrapped up warm in 2 long sleeve tops, tights, waterproof socks (my feet really suffer) a winter weight gilet, hat, gloves and Headhog – Mr Stay Puff had nothing on me! You may think that’s overkill, believe me, it wasn’t. I managed to stay warm throughout the run and was grateful for the vastness of my running drawer (Mike my husband isn’t as positive about the house kit store). The weather was so cold that I even had a spare pair of gloves and a jacket in my pack – just in case I needed it. After all, it’s a long hobble back to civilisation if anything goes wrong.

What was quite beautiful was the fact that we didn’t see a soul, not one person, a lot of cackling grouse yes, and the odd bird of prey searching for fodder but that was about it and it was so peaceful. Runs like this, no matter your mood when you start, can’t fail to make you feel better and it really sets you up for the day ahead.

We were prepared and knew the ‘pitfalls’, but if you are out in the frosty weather, take care and be prepared with the right kit on. If you’re new to it, go with someone who is experienced and make sure people know where you have gone. All the preparation and precautions aside though, do enjoy the isolation and freedom it brings and allow yourself to feel the rawness of you and nature in harmony.

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