Just less than three weeks to go until the Manchester Marathon, this blog will have a bit more focus on a review of an item of the kit that we have very kindly been provided with by Asics..

I have been running competitively now for around 10 years, and I have never settled with one brand and model of training shoe for my mileage until the latest kayano 23 was introduced by Asics.

As someone with a mild level of overpronation but at times fairly heavy mileage, a supportive shoe has recently been the shoe of choice. The difference I found with the Asics Kayano to a lot of the other supportive shoes on the market is the weight and the cushioning that you feel instantly when you put a new pair on. Traditionally some of the support shoes have always been slightly heavier than a neutral shoe, however with the Kayano 23, Asics have introduced their flytefoam technology, making the shoe even lighter than previously.

When taking these for a test run on the treadmill in store to check my gait I noticed I was landing a lot straighter in more of a train track motion, reading up more on the technology that the Kayano 23 uses I put this down to the Impact Guidance System (IGS) which is there to match your foots natural movements and anatomy, with the SpEVA and FlyteFoam midsole offering bounce.

I am infact onto my third or fourth pair of the Kayano 23, I have made sure I replace the shoe every 500 miles or there abouts whereas in the past I would often run up to double this, hence probably the reason I was regularly picking up little niggles and injuries!

My longest run so far in the Kayano was 17 miles, and I can safely say that in the first and the last mile the response I was getting from the shoe was exactly the same, still feeling that “bounce” but also in my mind I was confident that I wasn’t going to pick up any injuries from doing a longer run as I had the protection of the shoe.

At the other end of the scale I have used the shoe for some quicker tempo running around 5.15-5.20 per mile pace, and again the shoe did cope relatively well. I would recommend if you were doing any more than 4 or 5 miles at a faster pace however to look at the Asics DS Trainer 22 which offers support in a racing flat format.

Newly released the DS Trainer 22 also uses the new flytefoam technology giving an improvement and more responsive feel than that in the DS Trainer 21.

I will put two more hard weeks of training in now, then it will be time to ease down the training ready for the Relay at the Greater Manchester Marathon!

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