As usual filled with doubts and anxiety about my abilities to do this just kept thinking I’ve done 10ks before with walking now and again so if I have to so be it. But I really wanted to run this was told an easyish flat course.

But I pushed my parkrun yesterday and knocked 35 seconds off my time so was feeling stiff! I always overthink things and believe I would fail – this is wrong I know but I can’t quite change my mindset! This is my thoughts and conversations during the run ( my thoughts are in brackets lol)

Start – (oh hell what am I doing just seen the kids coming back from the 3k looking rough and even one with mud on his face and knees I thought this was mainly a road race) starter goes off and I try not to get carried away by faster people.

Set off with Emily the slight incline and soft ground steady away then onto the road with a very steep down. Get to the entrance thinking ok am warming a little now. Then see a slight up thinking ok will b fine! Not as slight as I thought but then a short bit of flat got breath back!

Anyway after a bit it was obvious it was going to b a slightish up for sometime! I was starting to tire as apparently our first mile was 10 something ( bear in mind I’m slow so for me that was good.

Then it just went up and up slowly but I kept on then suddenly:- Me: I can’t go on need to stop! (Bout 2k ha ha what a lightweight it really felt 5k by then tough going) Emily: Don’t stop you can do this! At least do your usual 5k then we will evaluate our position! Me: ok (really can’t do this) 3k (really I think yr lying but I will keep going to 5k)

Emily: u can do this drop back to your plod and keep going (me: I wanna
walk) then actually I kept going up at a steady speed! Then Fiona caught up with us. With her lively conversation it kept me going to 5k especially when I couldn’t stop laughing at her slipping in the mud behind me – I’m sorry I’m sorry – not sure to who!!

5k came and as there were no obvious banks I kept going! The water station after that was busy so I told Emily I couldn’t stop if I did I wouldn’t get going again! We carried on and Fiona caught up with us again! I think she tried to get a conversation going but by then I was on a mission. Emily explained that when I struggled I couldn’t talk! I then followed behind them listening to their chat as did a couple of ladies who were with/behind! Before I knew it the 6k marker was there and I felt comfortable!

There was some down hill so picked up a little – it was at 7k when I finally realised I might possibly do this! But I knew there was an incline to do before I got to the finish line. I over think things and analyse instead of thinking of the mo! I carried on pretty well both Emily and Fiona were checking on me constantly! Got to the last field hard going with a slight incline! Fiona had gone off (bless her).

I said to Emily just talk about anything keep me going! Then Scott came back to help us through! The final bank up the road passed quickly thanks to their encouragement and the spectators cheering us on! Then a little down before the finish. Emily made sure I finished in style bless you xx

What an amazing experience! The race was well organised and I cannot think of anything bad to say about it apart from I can’t wait to do it again next year!

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