Have you ever experienced an UnderArmour (UA) shoe? Have you ever experienced the Charged Bandit 2? …

On the 8th Of October, staff at Up & Running teamed up with UA and Midnight Runners, along with 20 participants to experience the two-piece Charged Cushioning midsole that provides firmness under the heel for that added support, and a soft feel under the forefoot for that protected push-off. As Midnight Runners demonstrated, the near 7km run with aided with press-ups, squats, and crunches to really push our participants to become the better athlete.

After pushing through the limits, distance and sweat, I would recommend trying half a size up to your normal running shoes, as quite a lot of toes were kissing the end of the Bandit 2! We all managed to make it back to Leeds Centre, where we loosened the muscles – calves, hamstrings, quads, back, shoulders… you get the idea! If that wasn’t enough, a generous amount of protein/wraps and water would get the muscles recovering fast!

A great responsive shoe with a slick seamless interior, a smooth next to skin feel, and a great high-abrasion rubber provided a comfortable, and stable ride.

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