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About SRG

Social Run Group

Why run with us

Up & Running aims to provide support for runners of all abilities.

If you want to start running, if you need to find someone to run with or would just like to be part of a fun and friendly group, then we can help. The Social Run Group gives you a place to come which is free of charge and where you will have the chance to run with the supportive and friendly Up & Running team, as well as other runners to share the experience – with a real community feel.


SRG is a passionate running community

Running, for SRG, is more than just putting on a pair of running shoes and going out of the door. It is about being part of a community, part of a tribe whose sole, or is it ‘soul’ aim is to achieve their personal goals. To push themselves to new levels and do it with likeminded people. In order to do this SRG members need to be encouraged and to have the chance to encourage each other to be the best they can. SRG has a voice and on the NEW section is where it can be heard. Loud and clear.

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