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Let’s stay RunConnected during this difficult time. Through the VirtualSRG we will encourage you to keep putting your running shoes on and continue to be part of the SRG community which will help you to stay positive.

Help us to help you by joining in the chatter, posting your photographs, sharing your runs and telling us your stories.
If you’re new to SRG, Welcome, it’s great that you’re joining us.

What is SRG?


Running with SRG, is about more than just putting on a pair of running shoes and going out of the door, it’s about being part of a community, where every member motivates each other to achieve their personal fitness goals.

If you’re new to running, SRG is the perfect place to start – whatever your pace – no-one gets left behind. For more experienced runners, SRG gives you the chance to be involved with a fun and friendly group and to share your experience and enthusiasm with others – oh and to squeeze another 5k in to your running week.

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