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What is SRG?

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Up & Running aims to provide support for runners of all abilities through membership of its Social Run Group (SRG).

If you want to start running, if you need to find someone to run with or would just like to be part of a fun and friendly group, then we can help. SRG gives you the opportunity to run in a group, free of charge, with the support and motivation of the Up & Running team – and be part of the running community.

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When you run with SRG, it’s about more than just putting on a pair of running shoes and going out of the door. It is about being part of a community, where every member motivates each other to achieve their personal fitness goals.  SRG has a voice and on the NEWS section we feature your stories and experiences for everyone to benefit from. So when you have done something you’re really proud of, tell us about it, send us a couple of photos and we’d love to include you on our page. Send your news to

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